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Your Trusted Lawn Care Service

We are fully licensed and insured to treat your entire property for weeds and pest.

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About J&B Turf Professionals, LLC

Dedication. Commitment. Excellence.

It’s no secret that we love what we do. Working with nature to showcase the best of its beauty sparks a natural passion in our team. This is why J&B Turf Professionals, LLC is building a reputation as a top Lawn Care Service in Zanesville, Ohio and surrounding area. Hard work, dedication and reliability are always a top priority with any task we take on. Get in touch to learn more about how we can transform your lawn and keep it looking its best, year after year.

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  • A key step toward establishing a healthy turf.

  • Customizable lawn care programs designed specifically for you.

  • Stand Alone Service or Lawn Care Program Add-ons.

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Nashport, Ohio

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